5 Steps to Avoid Overeating

I want YOU to succeed on your weight-loss journey, so I’m happy to share lots of my own “secrets” to help you lose weight easily, happily…and learn to keep it off!

Here are 5 simple tips I share with my clients whenever they’re facing food cravings. Keep them in your back pocket for when temptation strikes…they’re way more powerful than willpower alone!

#1: Take out temptation.
Look around you. Do you have snacks on your desk or in your workspace? Is your countertop filled with “silly” carbs and desserts? Are foodie posts clogging your social media feeds? I always say—keeping unhealthy food choices and temptation “out of sight, out of mind” is the best way to keep them out of your “stomach.” And I bet, before long your mindset changes and those silly foods won’t even tempt you.

#2: Tidy your kitchen.
Seriously, it’s true! One study found that cluttered kitchens make us more likely to consume high-calorie snacks—probably because clutter adds to our already abundant stress. Who needs more of that!

#3: Have fun with exercise.
Find something fun, something you enjoy and look forward to—instead of framing it as “exercise” or something “you have to do”—researchers say you’ll be less likely to reward yourself with sugary dessert foods, and more likely to grab veggies instead!

#4: Eat a healthy snack before you shop.
You’ve heard “never shop on an empty stomach,” right? Here’s data to back it up. People who ate a healthy snack before food shopping chose 25% more fruits and vegetables than those who didn’t. And because thirst is often confused with hunger, I try to drink a big bottle of water before going food shopping to help me stay focused when passing those sneaky, tempting aisles.

#5: Watch what you watch.
Turns out—TV really can cause weight gain! And watching sad movies can make you gain even more weight—a study says that viewers of tearjerkers ate 28% more popcorn than those watching a happier film. My best advice—do your eating at the dinner table. And after dinner, be “dinner and done”! If you want to lose weight, TV and snacks just don’t go together!

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