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#mbf – All that you need to know!

I am SO excited for the launch of our newest program – #mbf- Muscle Burns Fat! And the most exciting part… it’s really two programs in one – #mbfa (Muscle Burns Fat Advanced) is designed to be completed right after! I cannot wait for 6 full weeks of new workouts! What is #mbf? Basics: […]

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Why You Should Quit Drinking Soda

If you’ve been drinking soda for awhile, it may feel impossible to quit. I’m sharing how to stop drinking soda for good and the benefits you may experience from giving it up! Here’s a quick win: By giving up soda, you’ll cut down on empty calories, reduce your sugar (or artificial sugar) consumption, and even […]

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New Program Alert: 10 Rounds!

New Program Alert: 10 Rounds! I am so excited about the release of our newest program- 10 Rounds! Boxing gyms are all the rage- boxing is one of the best TOTAL-body workouts you can do. But for some, stepping into a boxing gym can be pretty intimidating. But now you can have a boxing gym […]

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Barre Blend: Graceful, Strong & Gorgeous in 60 Days

I am so excited about the release of our newest program- Barre Blend! This low impact workout will seriously change your body- if you want to chisel your waist, define your arms, lean out your legs, and lift and firm your booty (who doesn’t?!), you will love this program! Transformations Can you believe these changes- […]

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Getting Healthier!

Losing weight is challenging no matter what, but when you have a hectic schedule full of appointments, errands, and random time-sucking obligations, your New Year’s weight-loss resolution to slim down can feel straight-up impossible. And I say this because I GET IT. Mom to two, full time art teacher, wellness coach, wife, daughter, daughter in […]

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