Have You Ever Thought About Doing What I Do?

This is something I ask pretty often, and I may have even asked you. Why do you think I do that?
Well, coaching is something that I LOVE doing. Ever do something where you couldn’t believe you actually got paid to do it? That’s what coaching is for me.

Now if I knew that others could feel like this too and I didn’t share it with all my friends and family, that just wouldn’t make me feel right? There is no way I’m going to hide this from the rest of the world.

Why is it so rewarding? I could go on and on but let me just name a few things…
-Helping other people get healthy
-Being a part of a positive and motivating team
-Pushing yourself to the next level personally because you know people are depending on you
-Getting rewarded for just doing what is right
-Getting 25% off on your Shakeology!
-Most importantly working with a company who doesn’t have their bottom line as their main motivation.

It’s all about helping people, and if you had a chance to look at this opportunity, you would realize that to be true. You don’t have to be a fitness model, personal trainer, nutrition expert or have hit your own personal fitness goals. People are looking for friends to help them, not just chiseled statues.

So I ask, have you ever thought about doing what I do?
Just know this isn’t a sales business, it’s all about sharing what you’ve experienced personally. I teach other coaches all the time how to be successful at getting your friends and family involved, and would love to help you figure it out too.

This is LIFE CHANGING. Not only for you, but for others as well.
Ready to be a part of this change? I’m ready to show you.

I am looking for 2 beginning coaches to help show them how this works. It’s at your own pace, there will never be any quotas, contracts, or crazy mumbo-jumbo.
Fill out the form below and let’s get started. I will reach out to you and explain the details.


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