Healthy >> the Easy and Delicious Way!

Do you struggle with healthy eating…because you’re not quite sure what that means? Or you want to start making healthier foods for your family but also don’t want to start a rebellion?

Maybe your doctor told you that you need to lose weight.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of being the self-deprecating big guy/girl in your group of friends.

Maybe you just had your first kid and realized you need to be there for him or her growing up.

Maybe you woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and finally came to the realization that it’s time to start taking care of yourself.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to make a change, you’re not alone! Every day, thousands of people make the decision to start eating better and losing weight…and every day those thousands of people don’t really have any plan or idea what they’re doing. The remedy for eating better isn’t deprivation, blandness, or a rigid diet―it’s incorporating good habits into your life.

After all, there are so many freaking decisions to be made:

Should I follow the food pyramid?
What version of the food pyramid do I follow if so?
Should I be counting all of my calories?
What about “heart healthy” whole grains?
Should I be doing Keto? Paleo? Intermittent fasting?
How many Twinkies can I fit in my mouth?

Fear not, I’m here to help!

If you’re looking to start losing weight, living healthier, and feeling better, it really comes down to a few key rules:

Eat mostly real food.
Quit counting calories.
Quit eliminating food groups.
Eat the foods you love.
Learn to listen to and love your body.
Avoid the plague.

And yet…I still see people every single day trying to fight the good fight. They go on a diet, they starve themselves, they eat crappy low-fat diet food that tastes terrible, and they become so hungry and cranky and miserable, and yet they STILL don’t see the number on the scale get smaller.

I hear you. That stuff sucks. And I know because I am a recovering yo-yo dieter. But I’ve become smarter over the years!

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in effort for months (or years) while eating food you hate and avoiding food you love…only to put all of the weight back on when you stop dieting.

I hate that. And I created my next challenge group to help people break that cycle and put an actual plan in place to change their lives without being miserable.

And as a busy mom and teacher that is entering one of the craziest weeks of school – the first week back to school after a glorious and relaxing summer break – I start this challenge group to prove that healthy can be truly easy and delicious. This is a place where you’ll get nutritional guidance from a coach that gets to know you better than you know yourself, can answer your questions about what to eat and when, and help keep you accountable…all while providing you with tons of recipes that are family friendly, don’t take your whole night to prepare, and lets you lose weight happily.

The challenge group focuses on emotional eating. It is a program that focuses first on the “Why” not the how, and focuses on those triggers that make it hard to lose weight. It’s like health and mindset collided in a HUGE beautiful way. My fellow recovering yo-yo dieters, there is a solution. No counting, No containers, No awkward weigh ins.

This is not a diet. This is a mindset shift.

This is challenge group is for:
Anyone who wants to lose weight — happily — so they can keep it off for good!
Those frustrated with the deprivation of traditional diets.
People overwhelmed with all the weight-loss products/info out there.
Anyone challenged by junk-food cravings.
Those for whom other diets have not been successful in the past.
A mom that wants to instill healthy habits in her family but doesn’t have the time to be a slave to the kitchen.
A teacher who knows the only way to keep up with the craziness of the educational field is to practice self care and good food is good fuel.

Leave me your info below if you’re interested in learning more!

Healthy >> the Easy and Delicious Way!

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