Why Teachers Make PERFECT Beachbody Coaches

As a teacher, I love the way I get to help students reach their highest potential. I spend the day teaching them to be better communicators and citizens. I teach them how to read complex text and gain meaning for their lives from it. It gladdens my heart to see them go on to college and career knowing I had a role to play in their success. I am sure you feel the same, no matter what grade or subject matter you teach.

On the flip side, a downside to teaching is the salary. I have 10 years experience, a Master’s degree, and advanced training in AP courses. I am rated as Highly Effective, the highest rating in my corporation. But no matter how much energy, time, effort and work we pour into our careers, our pay will never be higher than another teacher on the same “step” who is just phoning it in. The scores in reading, writing and math are the basis of school grades. But English and Math teachers receive nothing extra for the pressure and work it takes to produce the scores needed to achieve an A rating for their whole school. All this pressure and bureaucracy comes from the state and from politicians who never set foot in a classroom.

As I have grown older, the need to have more control over the most basic aspects of my life: work, happiness, health, income and time have moved to the front burner. I took control of my health about a year ago by using the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Body Beast to lose the 45 pounds I put on with stress and illness from the past few years. Now, Beachbody is providing me the rest in the form of my coaching business.

I became a coach in January 2015 and since that time, I have been able to create a nice extra income with this business. We have a steady stream of income coming in every month that GROWS every time I put more effort into it. Most importantly, I am at a place in my life where I am happier, healthier, and have a better perspective on the things happening in my life. I feel in control again. I want you to imagine what that could look like for you.

All the skills and talents I have developed over my teaching career are instrumental in this business:
1. I communicate how to use Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology to lose weight and get fit at home.
2. I encourage women on their weight loss journey, providing feedback about their progress and how they can improve.
3. I teach my coaches how to use duplication to achieve the same business success as me.
4. I manage my time and resources to effectively get my daily tasks accomplished in a timely manner.
5. I use and teach goal setting to my customers and coaches so they get the results they are working for.
6. I use my reading and writing skills to share my own story so I can reach others like me who need my help.
7. I use my natural desire to help others succeed in a new way every day.
8. I genuinely care about how I can improve the lives of the people who entrust me with them.


A teaching career and being a Beachbody coach BOTH are VERY REWARDING jobs!

Doing a few vital behaviors every day since I started this has created my success. I control how fast or slow I want to grow this business. I set the goals I want to reach. I set my hours and choose my teammates. I am in complete control. I do it in just 1 hour a day and for a cost of $17 a month. That is it.

I am looking to personally mentor 10 women like me. If you are a teacher who wants to create some freedom and income while getting in the best shape of your life, helping others do the same, using the best fitness programs in the world at home on your time, you need to reach out to me. I want to hear from you. I can help you do just that and more with the time and skills you have right now. Interested?

Apply to join my team and I will personally contact you in the next few days to talk about your goals and get you started as a coach. I will mentor you one-on-one and help you learn the exact steps I took to achieve massive success with this business in a short period of time. Let’s do this!!!

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