My Story

My story is one that I would have never felt the confidence to share a year and a half ago. It’s fair to say I’m guilty of wanting to show only the pretty pictures of myself to the world. Pictures from times when I looked my best. I’ve been on a weight loss yo-yo several times in my 30-“something” 🙂 years on this earth. I’ve even forgone social events, weddings, reunions, etc., because I was embarrassed about my weight. I’ve worn clothes that were NOT my preferred style because they fit best and hid me. I have been the picture-taker or the one hiding behind others, when I HAD to be in the picture. I have untagged myself in pictures on social media because I hate the way I look in them. I have lied to myself (this brand of jeans just runs small, I’m not really a size 14) and cried in dressing rooms. I have been there, and have felt all of that emotional and physical “weight.”

I’ve tried tons of different weight loss programs, swallowed some fat burner pills to speed up metabolism and weight loss (and did God knows what to my body in the process), tried dangerously low-calorie diets, all of which, in the end, screwed up my metabolism, caused muscle loss, and ultimately didn’t work. I’ve felt depressed, overwhelmed, lethargic—and close to giving up numerous times.

The older I’ve gotten, just doing daily exercise didn’t help me lose weight…but simply maintain. I was annoyed that the same activity I used to do in my twenties (before I had children) wasn’t working for me now. And then to hear that it only gets WORSE…ugh!

So what secret can I share with you on how my husband and I have now managed to lose and maintain a combined 150 lb weight loss?

That losing weight and getting healthy IS a “Lifestyle Change.” I know, SO cliche, right? What does “lifestyle change” mean anyway?


First, it requires DESIRE, and then, COMMITMENT. After that, there are three variables to your success: NUTRITION, EXERCISE, and SUPPORT. After getting to know you, I provide advice on all THREE of these KEY components. I suggest specific workouts to fit your lifestyle. I design a meal plan to keep you satisfied. I place you in one of my private online support groups, with other like-minded people who share similar daily struggles and dreams. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscle, or just to live a healthier life overall, we WILL get you there!!

I will help you create a completely personalized “ road-map to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. I’m also going to coach you and hold you accountable. Together we will make your journey SUCCESSFUL, REWARDING and LASTING. Only YOU can take that first step, but the rest we can take TOGETHER.

Then, I also offer free monthly “COMMIT” groups. They are my privately run Facebook groups where I post daily tips on weight loss, clean eating and label reading, pantry makeovers, recipes, nutrition and fitness advice and daily motivation. Most of all, you get accountability. I care if you don’t show up, and I want you to get results. Why? Because if YOU are happy, then it will SHOW and I can help even more people.

Before we get started, we will do a phone or email consultation. This consultation will help me understand your needs, lifestyle, beliefs, and struggles, BETTER. Then , we can work on SOLUTIONS for you. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and creating the best body you can achieve.

Are you ready to get started?

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