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Spaghetti Squash Fritters

Veggie fritters are a bit of a mind game because they have a magical way of making you forget that you’re actually eating vegetables. That’s because the best fritters aren’t just packed with veggies — they’re also enhanced with cheese, herbs, and spices. Then there’s the brilliant method of pan-frying them, making them nice and […]

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Getting Healthier!

Losing weight is challenging no matter what, but when you have a hectic schedule full of appointments, errands, and random time-sucking obligations, your New Year’s weight-loss resolution to slim down can feel straight-up impossible. And I say this because I GET IT. Mom to two, full time art teacher, wellness coach, wife, daughter, daughter in […]

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Sweet Potato and Turkey Skillet

Sweet Potato and Turkey Skillet With quick and easy cooking in just one skillet, this Sweet Potato and Turkey Skillet meal is an absolute must in the kitchen. It’s a perfect solution on a rushed day when you want to serve up something healthy and yummy without the fuss. It calls for sweet potatoes, a […]

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Jicama Home Fries

Jicama Home Fries are the perfect no potato option when you are looking for a filling and satisfying breakfast. Once you sauté them long enough, they begin to take on the texture and taste of potatoes, and is a new way to introduce this water-based root vegetable to your kids and family. Breakfast has always […]

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Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Truth be told, sometimes I just crave some desserts and can always count on this Chunky Monkey Ice Cream recipe to cure my sweet tooth! It takes all of 5 minutes to make and only contains 5 ingredients! Win win! What You Need: 3 ripe medium bananas, cut into chunks 3 Tablespoons all-natural peanut butter […]

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