There’s no denying it… I absolutely LOVE clean eating and fueling our bodies from the inside out! So here’s a quick collection of my favorite Portion Fix Recipes, Clean Eating Recipes, and Shakeology Recipes! I’ve done almost every single Beachbody program we have and this one just “did” it for me. The combination of nutrition education and fitness workouts, with the accountability of our groups, helps everyone achieve the results they want. I’m not kidding either. I’ve had HUNDREDS of members complete either the 21 Day Fix or the Fix Extreme with incredible results! The best part, they just keep repeating their program to get more and more results. This is truly a LIFESTYLE changing program. It’s not a gimmick, its not a quick FIX (or maybe it is in a good way), or a diet pill. This is good ole’ back to basics nutrition with a phenomenal workout that ANYONE can do!

But here is the thing, the single hardest aspect of completing any program is often in PLANNING! You all know the saying, failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s so true with any program. It requires time and attention to food but once you get it, you GET IT and are off and running!

Here are some links to my favorite tried and true Portion Fix Recipes, Shakeology Recipes, and Clean Eating Recipes :
Portion Fix Recipes
Clean Eating Recipes
83 Chocolate Shakeology Recipes
88 Vanilla Shakeology Recipes
55 Cafe Latte Shakeology Recipes
80 Strawberry Shakeology Recipes

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