Sneak Peek into Coaching

Sneak Peek into Coaching:

My coach team, the Impact Warriors, recently ran a sneak peek into coaching group on Facebook and I shared in the private closed group what being a Team Beachbody Coach was all about! I get asked all the time what I do, how do I make money and is this a scam or pyramid scheme? I totally understand the questions because what I do as an online health and fitness coach is definitely non traditional. I was curious about all the success as well and my husband was the biggest skeptic of them all. 😉

Coming from a family that believes in getting an education, going to college, getting my masters degree and a good job, there was really no other way to reach success. I really had never dreamed of starting my own business or being an Entrepreneur. And if I can be completely honest I wanted to get married, have babies and be a teacher! That was my ultimate dream job. But God had different plans for me. He gave me the gift of dedication, consistency, hard work and drive. He gave me the ability to dream big and to never limit myself. He gave me a post baby body that needed some serious TLC so that I could be introduced to Team Beachbody, 21 Day Fix, Shakeology and Clean Eating. If it wasn’t for this sequence of life events I would not be where I am today. Everything that has happened in my life has given me blessings, challenges and growth personally and for our family. It might not be for everyone but I would be doing a great disservice if I didn’t share it with anyone who wanted to check it out.

So I’ve decided to try something totally new. I’m going to walk you through the entire event of what coaching is all about right here! You can share this, bookmark it, come back later and continue and even join my team if you would like. I have a series of 9 topics for you to walk through! You can email or message me with any questions you have at all. If this sounds like something you would like to do please complete the application at the bottom of the post so we can chat about the opportunity for you!!

#1 What Is Coaching & Who Am I?
I’m super excited to share with you what coaching is all about and answer many of the questions that you have!

Coaching has been the absolute best decision I have ever made in my life. I had no idea that when I signed up for a challenge group to achieve my own health & fitness goals that it would actually lead to a career that I LOVE and brings me so much joy! I love working with my customers to help them achieve their health & fitness results and I also love helping coaches to launch and see success in their business too!

So here is the first video. Check it out and comment on the video with what stood out to you and that you are “done” with our first video!

Then, move on to the 2nd video. (and so on)

#2 Who Can Be A Beachbody Coach And What Do We Do?

So first of all a Beachbody coach is a normal person! You don’t have to be a personal trainer, a fitness expert, a nutritionist, or even be at your goal weight to be a coach. You are someone that is passionate about health and fitness, you want to inspire others to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, you are practicing what you preach and you lead by example. You can be starting your journey today or you could of been on your journey for months or years, no matter where you are in life you can be a coach!

As a coach it we run what is called “CHALLENGE GROUPS” I like to call them health and fitness accountability groups. In these closed Facebook groups, no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. Each day my customers check into the group, I have a post of the day that walks them first thru taking their pictures, measurements, setting goals and meal planning and prep.

Then, for the entire duration of their fitness program they check in daily where I post motivation, support, tips, recipes and things that have personally helped me in my journey.

Each participant checks in daily and rates their day, discusses anything on their mind and together we have fun!!! As a coach you do not have to run your first group on your own! You actually will co run it with your coach! There is also a challenge group guide that we have created for our team that you can use! So the system is in place, you just duplicate it with your own flair!!!

It’s fun, it keeps you accountable and your customers and its the most rewarding feeling ever to see your first few customers get results.

Who are your customers??? My first customers were my friends on FB, my sister in law, my neighbor and that was it! I started out with 3 people and that was good for me! So you don’t have to start out with a large amount of people. Just a few gets the ball rolling!

Check out this video with more on what is a coach and what we do!!!!

#3 I Don’t Want To Sell To My Family & Friends

When it comes to signing up as a Beachbody Coach the BIGGEST question I get is that I don’t know who to invite or I don’t want to sell to my friends or family!

Well actually sometimes your friends and family end up being your first customers bc they want to support you and sometimes they don’t. I honestly was not a social media person at all. I didn’t use Facebook for anything more than to see what my friends and family were up to. I didn’t have an Instagram account and I didn’t know anything about blogging.

So going from zero posts to 3-4 a day was un natural for me!

But I really wanted to inspire other people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. I knew that this business would work, I knew it wasn’t going to be an overnight success, but I just honestly BELIEVED that it would work! So every day I showed up, I worked out, I shared what was keeping me motivated, I shared my favorite recipes, motivational quotes and more. I didn’t care what other people thought, I just knew I wasn’t going to sell but I was going to share what worked for me!

But building a network takes time just as your transformation takes time! So look at this like learning to ride a bike. You are going to fall off a few times, make a few wrong turns AKA bad posts, you are going to figure it out and before you know it you are going to jump on that bike and ride! It becomes a part of who you are!

But the decision to try and the decision to be OK with failure is where it begins!

Check this out and hopefully this gives you some guidance and comfort with social media!

As a team we teach you how to grow instagram, FB, like pages, blogs, we have lots of resources so that no matter what you want to do we can point you in that direction! The sky is the limit! Please don’t feel like you have to USE them ALL, we encourage you to pick 1 that you feel most comfortable with and use that as your primary!

Share your comments below!

#4 How Do You Make Money As A Coach?

The biggest question when it comes to coaching is always this. How do you make money?
How does running challenge groups, posting on Facebook or IG, taking selfies produce an income. How does it even produce an income that could possibly replace a full time income?? It sound crazy and almost too good to be true! But as crazy as it sounds it really works. I am just your average everyday normal girl you would see in the grocery store and not think twice. But with consistency, dedication and the power of “pumping the well” you can make something that seems ordinary into something extra ordinary!

Check out how you can do the same. Making your goal to hit success club which is our rewards program every month by helping 3 new people in a challenge group. Inviting people to join your team that are getting great results in your groups or people you would think would make great coaches.

Overtime things come together and the compensation plan really does work for you!

Check this out to go over the details and don’t hesitate to ask questions below! Post below when you are done and ask more questions below!!!!

#5 What Kind Of Support Will You Get From Me As Your Coach?
Ok lets talk about what kind of support you can expect to get from me as your coach and us as the Impact Warriors Team!!!

You were all asking about the new coach training and guidance so I am taking you on a backstage tour of my coach training!

Post below and let me know what questions you have!!!

#6 Success Story from Team Impact Warriors Coach, Stephanie Meny
I am sharing with you a success story from one of our leaders, Steph Meny who works a full time job and is super busy! How does she make this business work for her! I think it’s great to always have perspective of how this works with others besides me!

Check it out!

#7 Full Time Teacher, Mom, and Coach
Success story from a teacher, Jen Hopf and mom of two! She is currently not working as a teacher and is rocking her business as a coach!!

Check out her story! I think it is super important to always see real people making this business work along side of their other responsibilities in life! You can do anything you want when you put your mind to it!

#8 So What If I Really Want To Consider Coaching?

If this sounds like something you would like to pursue and you would like to be a member of the Impact Warriors Team then check out the final video with the entire lowdown on what we’re really all about.

Beachbody Coach Interest

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