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Step by Step Guide to How I Meal Plan Each Week

Step By Step Guide to How I Meal Plan Each Week People often ask me how I make my menu/meals. In fact, I often get asked to make a blog post with a step by step guide on how I meal plan each week, so here goes! 🙂 The answer, however, is quite simple (like […]

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Teachers and Beachbody Coaching: The Perfect Marriage

Teaching is an honorable profession. We shape young minds, we wipe away tears, we provide tough love, and most importantly, we support, encourage, and motivate our students every single day. As teachers, we have a deep understanding of the learning process, we are eager to try new strategies, we accept failure as inevitable, and we […]

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Champagne Anyone?

Christmas is getting closer and closer!! 🙂 I know at this time of year it can be easy to take the foot off the gas. Not to work too much. Not to think about the future too much. Just live in the moment and enjoy the party season. Even though it is the festive season […]

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Why Teachers Make PERFECT Beachbody Coaches

As a teacher, I love the way I get to help students reach their highest potential. I spend the day teaching them to be better communicators and citizens. I teach them how to read complex text and gain meaning for their lives from it. It gladdens my heart to see them go on to college […]

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Accommodations for adults … and that love/hate work relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with my work environment. I love that, at any given moment, there’s always so much going on. I hate that, at any given moment, there’s always so much going on. Each and every day, I’m surprised by all the new adventures that unfold. I’ll walk down the hallway to deliver […]

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