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how to stop mindless eating

Ten Tips to Stop Mindless Eating

A lot of women talk to me about mindless eating (eating without thinking about what they’re doing). Do you fall into this camp? Think: Standing at the fridge door thinking about what to have for dinner… holding a bag of crisps and piling them into your mouth as you go Relaxing in front [insert guilty […]

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7 Tips on Staying Motivated

Am I always motivated? Heck no! Raise of hands – how many of you have had trouble staying motivated in your past when taking on a new health and fitness goal? We ALL have! Everyone can use a few tips to stay motivated to be healthy. Usually when we start a new health kick or […]

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26 Early Morning Workout Tips

Rise and Shine!! It’s time to tackle your day…but hitting the snooze button on your alarm just sounds better, right? There are so many days I’d rather stay in my comfy bed, but I often remind myself that I’ll be glad I did get up and get my workout in so it was checked off […]

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