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Core De Force Week 3 Review

In a nutshell, my Core de Force Week 3 is that it was NO JOKE! I finally got a chance to recover from Thanksgiving and get 100% back on track which, of course, feels amazing! Both of my daughters jumped in on workouts during different points of this week, which I LOVE! Abby is left […]

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SPRING CLEAN Your Health and Fitness Routine

Most of the people I know, including myself, set New Years Resolutions for themselves and for most of us, physical fitness (exercising more and eating better) is somewhere on the list. Now we are getting to the time of the year where the sun sets later and the days seem longer. My sweaters are headed […]

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Teachers and Beachbody Coaching: The Perfect Marriage

Teaching is an honorable profession. We shape young minds, we wipe away tears, we provide tough love, and most importantly, we support, encourage, and motivate our students every single day. As teachers, we have a deep understanding of the learning process, we are eager to try new strategies, we accept failure as inevitable, and we […]

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Welcome to Fit Teacher with Heather Swader!

Fit Teachers with Heather Swader was created specifically FOR TEACHERS by me: a teacher AND a Beachbody coach! Why, you ask? Because the life of a teacher is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it may seem like we have a pretty relaxing schedule with Monday through Friday jobs and summer’s off […]

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Shakeology – From The Fields Video

Watch the video to see how Shakeology’s ingredients are sourced from the world over Follow the adventures of Darin, Shakeology’s Ingredient Hunter, as he finds the ingredients that make Shakeology the healthiest meal of the day!

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