11 Things Teachers Can Do Over Spring Break

It’s that time of year again! For many teachers, spring break is a much-needed reprieve before the final leg of the school year. Don’t have an incredible island getaway planned? (Dang teacher pay and responsibilities….) No worries! There are still plenty of ways to make the most out of your time off. Here are some ideas:

Plan a stay-cation.
You don’t need to leave the state to enjoy a getaway. Go to a local museum, see a show, or try that new restaurant in town. Take your kids to the zoo or enjoy a round of golf. The options are endless!

Indulge in a spa day.
With three quarters of the school year in your rear-view mirror, you deserve some pampering. Enjoy a massage, a facial, a mani/pedi… tack on the aroma therapy and you’ll emerge a brand new person. Hey, you’ve earned it!

Catch up on sleep.
By this time of year, most teachers could really use some extra ZzZzZs. Grant yourself the luxury of not setting your alarm, or enjoy a midday nap! (Is it sad that we’re this excited about a nap?)

Try a DIY project.
Nothing passes time like browsing through the endless boards of creative ideas on Pinterest. Find a craft to take on or a new recipe to try… you may be surprised what you’re capable of with the right inspiration.

Catch up with friends… or cherish some alone time.
Has it been a hectic year? Whether you’re itching to catch up with some old friends or ready to curl up with a good book and lock yourself in your bedroom for hours on end, either approach can be good for the soul!

Binge watch Netflix.
TV has never been better. There’s no shame in popping some corn, planting yourself on the couch, and getting lost in the latest addictive pop-culture series. Six seasons of Game of Thrones? No problem…

Tackle your spring cleaning.
OK, cleaning is not exactly exciting, but just think of the serenity that comes with a squeaky-clean and de-cluttered home. Time to open the windows and enjoy some fresh air!

By the sheer nature of your job, teachers give back to the community on a daily basis. If you just can’t get enough, use your spare time to pursue a passion project.

Get moving.
Sometimes there’s nothing better for recharging the batteries than moving your body and releasing some stress. And the post-exercise endorphins certainly don’t hurt! Need help? Check this out! Accountability

Shop ’til you drop.
Did somebody say retail therapy? Stores are overflowing with warm-weather clothing that you’re probably itching to get your hands on. Strap on your bargain-hunting gear and hit the mall or outlets for a shiny new wardrobe.

Plan out your summer.
Spring break lights a spark of hope in the hearts of teachers with the knowledge that the glorious months of summer are officially in reach. Spring break is the perfect time to book your summer vacation or start looking for a fun summer gig.

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