3 Reasons Why You Should Shred Your Own Cheese

I LOVE saving money and being smart about spending…especially when it comes to grocery shopping. So, on that note…”Why Shred Your Own Cheese?”

Three Answers:
1) It Saves Money
2) You Can Avoid Consuming Unnecessary Additives
3) Shredded Cheese Tastes Better

Reason One to Shred Your Own Cheese: It Saves Money!

For most people, the motivating factor to shred one’s own cheese will likely be to save money. But does shredding your own cheese really save money?


At my grocery store, a bag of 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese costs close to $5.00. So that’s $2.50 a cup.

In contrast, when buying a 24oz block of cheese for about $8.00 and shredding it yourself (which makes about 8 cups), it turns out to be about $1.00 a cup. This makes my heart happy.

For my visual learners:

“But Heather, I don’t really need 8 cups of shredded cheese! What should I do with the cheese I don’t use? I don’t want it to go waste!”

Goodness, neither do I! Wasted food is painful to my heart. With that extra cheese that you may not use in the next two weeks, simply divide it up in 2 cup portions (or whatever portion your little heart desires) and freeze it! Yes, shredded cheese freezes very well.

Reason Two to Shred Your Own Cheese: Avoid Consuming Additives

Do I think eating store bought shredded cheese will kill you? No. Is your kid going to sprout green hair and grow a third arm from the additives in store bought shredded cheese? Probably not. (I’d have quite the blog post to write if they did!) BUT for lots of reasons we strive to keep our food REAL and as close to its original form as possible.

The truth is, in store bought shredded cheese there are a few more additives. Lets compare:

One to pay attention to is the cellulose. You know that light powder you can see on shredded cheese? That my friends is, cellulose. It keeps the cheese shreds from sticking together (Yeah!) It is also indigestible and made from wood or cotton (Not Yeah.) Like I said, it’s not going to kill you but, I’m not a beaver…or a termite… just sayin.

Reason Three to Shred Your Own Cheese: It Just Tastes Better!

Please, do a taste test and prove me wrong. You won’t. Freshly shredded cheese tastes richer, creamer, fresher (from lack of cellulose), meltier (is that even a word?) and is just better. Recipes using freshly grated cheese have a clear edge over those that don’t.

Best Way to Shred and Store Cheese

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of manually shredding large amounts of cheese. I mean, who is? It gives you hand cramps, tired arms and shredded skin if you start getting sloppy. You won’t last long shredding your own cheese that way. This is why it is critical that you know how to shred cheese with a food processor. Most food processors will come with a handy-dandy attachment that will shred a block of cheese in seconds!

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