5 Tips for Working Out at Home

5 Tips for Working Out at Home:

Let’s face it … Working out at home is not always easy. Working out at home with no one around makes it super easy to make excuses for why you don’t have to do it. Working out at home and not having to go anywhere can make someone super unmotivated. But at the same time, working out at home is super convenient for so many people. Being a busy mom, teacher, and home business owner, finding time to actually get in a car and drive to the gym to spend an hour or more there wondering what to do and how to do it, is not appealing to me. Nothing pushes me farther away from the gym than intimidation and traveling there. But don’t take this as me knocking the gym. If anyone knows me, knows I used to be an AVID gym-goer.

But then motherhood happened. Having to care for another human. Made it a lot harder to find ‘ME’ time to drive there. So working out at home is what ended up being my outlet to losing 55 lbs! But like i mentioned at first… it is NOT always easy! I started my home fitness journey at almost 200 LBs. Pausing the DVD multiple times. Feeling so unmotivated and wanting to give up because ‘no one was watching me’ almost daily.

Being a home health and fitness coach for 2 years now, I have learned a lot along the way! I can rattle off tips all day for people who need help in making home workouts effective, but I want to share my TOP 5 TIPS to making working out at home WORK for you!

What do you think the BIGGEST struggle in getting started working out? You got it! MOTIVATION. It’s so hard for people to find motivation to workout, let alone workout ALONE at home. The first step is setting up an environment that fits you that will make you want to complete your workout. Making a playlist on your iPod or even finding a total kick ass Pandora/Spotify station that makes you want to just MOVE, might do the trick. For both my husband and I, music is a huge motivator. I plug in my Pandora playlist and turn it up!! Legit, I TURN IT UP! And it instantly makes me want to start moving!

So often I hear people say that can’t workout at home because they don’t have the space. To me, that is just another excuse for you to not start working out. First it was you hate the gym, and now this? FALSE. You have space, you just don’t know it. Those chairs are not nailed to the ground, and that coffee table can totally be moved around. And if you find you can’t move ANYTHING around, you always have your back porch, front yard, driveway, back yard. Bring it outside with you, get creative! Yay to Beachbody on Demand!

Okay, I know this is crazy impossible for a lot of people, but there are so many distractions you need to get rid of. Kids are optional. HA. I personally let my daughters join me in the workout if they opt to. Typically, however, my husband and I have made it clear that we value those 30 minutes and they are free to play in their rooms or out in the backyard with the dog during that time. But other things that can cause you to stop your workout that are not needed include: a telephone, attempting to cook a meal during your workout (NO!), a dog that wont stop barking, a phone that keeps blowing up with notifications. GET RID OF IT ALL. Well not the dog, keep the dog. 🙂 But look at the time during your workout as YOUR TIME. And in order to have that time, you need to stop doing some things. Let it be your time and be fully present to crush your workout! In most home workout cases, it’s only 30 minutes anyway!!

This might seem so minor, and some people might even choose to just rock the workout barefoot! Working out barefoot is great to strengthen your feet, but if you overdo it, it’s easy to get injured, especially during ballistic workouts like INSANITY, or when you’re first getting into shape. Having the right shoe for the right job allows you to choose when to go all natural and when to lace up. Consider the movements you’ll be doing, then go shopping. It’s best not to multitask a shoe. Running shoes are made for running forward. Basketball and tennis shoes are made for explosive movements—both forward and lateral—making them better for most home workouts. The best home workout shoe should do a little of both. There are also “fitness” shoes or cross-trainers designed for this purpose. Also, a trail running shoe can be good for home fitness, because it provides more lateral support than a traditional running shoe does. Spend a little time researching prior to shopping.

MY FAVORITE FAVORITE part of home fitness is that food and water are always available. There’s no reason to be dehydrated at home. Of course, this doesn’t always work as it should. There may also be junk food, soda, or beer in the fridge, so that availability equation can also work against you. To offset this, make a habit of carrying your water bottle around at home. Keeping yourself hydrated will energize your workouts, enable you to push harder, keep your immune system running strong, and make you less apt to binge-eat and/or -drink. Me personally, I went out and purchased a special water bottle, one that works for me and is fun and easy to carry around so i can drink it all day. Find what works for you and what will keep you drinking that water daily!

No gym? Gym doesn’t fit into your lifestyle? NO PROBLEM! I hope these 5 tips help you a little bit when starting your health and fitness journey! Don’t be nervous to do it alone! You don’t have to! If you are looking for help and support on your fitness journey feel free to CONTACT ME and we can chat! 🙂

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